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Nak (whispering): [(As for) the troll...]
Nik (whispering): [(We) remove the troll]
Pōk: [Troll!]

“Conspiracy Theory” I may be wrong, but this does look pretty suspicious. Perhaps, I am wrong. Surely, this is nothing to be concerned about. They’re probably just discussing practice. Yes, that has got to be it. But, if that is the case, why then would you need a lookout? And why would you choose that lookout? At the very least, make sure you have something reliable in place so you won’t be blindsided.

It looks like someone is having a very bad day. Wow, the big boss can sure take a beating! Whatever it was that those two were planning – and it looked like it was quite violent – I don’t think it would have worked. Because of their lapse in security and the theme of their scheme, I think they are about to have an even worse day.

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