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Nob (thinking): [Hob went into tunnel to find way to forest]
Nob (thinking): [There, Nob will be leader]

“Escape Plan” It seems like those two had a rough time with the boss. Well, at least the lookout got away. Our crowned gobo does not look very happy, especially since this might have been the start of an escape plan. With these two incarcerated, that option’s off the table. But all hope is not lost. A cunning plan is unfolding. Actions are already underway. With so much at stake, you would think that now would not be the time for daydreaming. One must remain grounded in reality during critical moments like this. Thankfully, our herald is up to the task. It looks like Operation: Wake-Up Call is a complete success! In more ways than one. It doesn’t look like it kept them grounded though.

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