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Nob: [Did Hob find way to forest through tunnel!?]
Hob: [Found treasure]
Nob: [Treasure for Nob!]

“New Plan” No plan survives first contact with… a chest of gold. Gold. It can make some people quite daffy. As a result, the plan has clearly changed. Nob has declared that the escape has now become a heist. I don’t believe that our little group has thought this one through. Sure, Nik and Nak will continue to pick the lock while Hob goes and gets the treasure. That will ensure that the four can escape their cell with the loot. But what then? They still have a big boss to evade as they gather the troops. And then there is the whole matter of a large spider just outside the cave entrance. Finally, and unknown to them, there is still the mysterious four lurking about. I wonder when they’ll show their faces again? Nonetheless, this new plan does not account for any obstacles except for the current ones.

Hold up! Did I just reference gobos by name for the first time? Yes I did. Which means that our run of cast images on our Instagram page is finally complete (for now). Check out the cast page or follow the links to see what comics each gobo has made an appearance in.

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