↓ Transcript
Hob: [The four adventurers...!]
Nob: [will kill the troll]
Nob (thinking): [and Nob will be leader]
Fip: [There are four adventurers here to kill Gobos!]

“Run Away” Nob is always thinking about the end goal. Clearly the intruders will take care of their big issue. After that, no problem. It’s a nice notion, except for one small problem. Actually, there are four small unknown problems and one big one that they are quite familiar with. Perhaps it would work if the intruders and the troll were to take each other out. It would clear the cave of every hostile presence, leaving it – and the treasure – for the gobos. That is the best case scenario, and it is very unlikely. Stalemates of that magnitude are very rare.

But when your big issue on your mind is fleeing the scene, it is time to consider other options. Especially when everyone else follows suit. Panic is very contagious and it only takes one in the herd to start a stampede. It seems like Fip has that covered and, as a result, Hob will have to put the end goal on the back burner for the moment. Right now it is time to run away. The take away from this is that the gobos are finally going to restart that adventure they started, way back in the first issue of the comic!

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