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Nak (whispering): [Let's go kill the four adventurers]
Nob (whispering): [Let them kill the troll]
Nob (thinking): [No more treasure]
Nob: [Gobos, to the forest!]
Sign: Party of Adventurers™ Mine

“There and Back Again” It appears that the four intrepid intruders are members of a group called the “Party of Adventurers™”. Not only have they leveled up on their adventure, they have laid claim to the emeralds in the cave! And they are making off with the chest of gold as well. This is quite a familiar scene for all of you gamers out there, specifically those that have played Dungeons & Dragons. A dungeon crawl was standard issue in the earlier editions of the game and, even though its popularity has waned over the years, it still is a staple for adventures. That applies to both tabletop games as well as video games set in the same theme.

The gobos were unable to escape the caves unseen before the adventurers came to the entrance. They have cleverly(?) hidden themselves among the nooks and crannies of the cave until they pass. Some of the gobos – specifically Nak – are all for launching an attack against these pilfering strangers. Nob, despite the loss of prized treasure, has opted out of that plan. This is probably for the best since they had eliminated their spider problem. And they scared their old boss straight out of the cave… and into the sunlight. Apparently this was a Tolkien troll because the cave now has a brand new monument on its front lawn. It is time for the gobos to head out of the cave once more. However, this time there is no parade, no fanfare. They have had a taste of the dangers that lurk outside and are now vigilant against whatever the wide world will throw at them.

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