“Gnawed by Nameless Things” Oh… I’m sure it just want’s a hug. And not… you know, to gnaw gobos.

Well, it’s cliffhanger time once again! Typically this means a week off for the holidays but, since the first Friday of January is three weeks away, it will be a little longer. Which is good – more time for me to build up that buffer!

If you find yourself needing a Friday fix for the rest of the year, why not have a reread of Gobo Gazette? See how its changed and progressed over four years of weekly updates (it won’t take long).

All caught up? How about browsing the selection of webcomics at SpiderForest? We just came off of part two of 2021’s Comic of the Week (which you can find in the news below). You just might find another story to follow…

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The view from the room's entrance is in a "Dutch tilt", slanted down to the left. Bam, still near the pedestal that is now home to the black stone, is backing away towards the left from a many-tentacled monstrosity that is coming out of a portal. The menace has multiple eyes and it's maw houses a score of tentacle-like tongues. The stone has opened an inter-dimensional gate and its inhabitants want in... especially several ball-like creatures with bat wings, one eye and sharp teeth. Waves of energy swirl out with the portal's initial opening and Wak - in the foreground - is ready for the worst... axe in hand.