“Arms Were All Guided by One Purpose” And we’re back! Welcome to 2022 everyone and the official start to a new year of Gobo Gazette! This year promises a big fight scene filled with action and… oh wait! It’s happening now! Wow! There’s even a low blow! Despite earlier scheming, I’m sure it was just an accident due to the rush to get into the fight. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Just a reminder that Puccini, Nob and Hob have imbibed a potion that lets them comprehend languages. Since Puccini can easily understand the gobos, so can you! (So, no Gobospeak right now.)

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A side shot of the room reveals a tentacle grabbing Bam's leg...

Panel 2
...lifting the gobo into the air! A couple more tentacles creep into view as Wak rushes in...

Panel 3
...and, with a leap, cleaves the tentacle holding Bam. More tentacles approach and one recoils...

Panel 4
... only to lash out, swatting Wak mid air. Bam eyes the tentacles, with mace in hand, as the gobo falls to the ground. The severed tentacle is regenerating, but only the part still connected to the creature.

Panel 5
The view swings to the door as Puccini races to the open entry, bumping into Nak. His hand held out dramatically towards the beast within. Nik peeks inside and Hob pushes Nob past the door and further into the hallway.
Puccini: "They've opened a planar gate!"

Panel 6
Nak and Nik rush into the room, the former elbowing Puccini in a sensitive area, stunning the wizard. Hob, lance in hand, gets ready to advance while shouting orders. Tik and Tok are crowding behind the armored gobo, getting ready to enter.
Puccini, trailing off painfully: "We need tooOoooooo"
Hob: "[Nik! Nak! Left!]"

Panel 7
Hob charges towards the viewer along with Nak and Tik keeps close to the door to get past Puccini, Tok takes a moment to look up towards the wizard, who is hunched over in pain. Zip and Fip can just be seen behind the others in the hallway.
Hob: "[Tik! Tok! Right!]"

Panel 8
Tok rushes in and Pōk squeezes past Puccini, who is going down onto his hands and knees. Zip seems to be aiding his descent, placing one hand on his shoulders while getting the crossbow out. Fip is visually frightened by what is seen and Nob is back at the edge of the doorway.
Hob, off-screen: "[Pōk! To Me! Fip! Zip! The door!]"

Panel 9
The view moves left for a different view of the doorway. Zip has rested the crossbow on Puccini's back - using the bent over wizard as a barricade - and a more determined Fip gets into position. Nob, hand on the door, leans through the entry and shouts out.
Nob: "[What about me?]"

Panel 10
Nob scowls at the reply as Zip casually watches their "barricade" slowly rise, blocking Fip's view. Puccini returns Zip's gaze with a pained face.
Hob, off-screen: "[Stay with Poo!]"

Panel 11
Zip points toward Nob, affirming what was said. Puccini begins to rise, reaching behind himself to grab the side of the entryway, pinning Fip's bow in the process. The wizard turns his attention to inside the room.
Hob, off-screen: "[Gobos! Go!]"

Panel 12
Nob and Zip are wide-eyed as they look into the room. Puccini shifts forward, grabbing the wall with both hands. Fip tries to see what is happening.
Puccini: "Hob! Wait! Don't get too..."

Panel 13
The view switches to a wide shot of the center of the room. The monstrosity - still within the gate - has reached out with its tentacles and has ensnared most of the gobos within, holding them aloft. Nak can be seen in the far left slicing a tentacle while held in the air. Wak and Bam are still recovering from the initial attack, slowly getting off the floor.