“Bat Attack” It looks like the invisibility potion is wearing off. And Puccini and the gobos are not the only ones to notice! Now that the stone is off the pedestal, the bat-things have a new interest in it. Maybe they are being called to it like someone else was earlier.

You might wonder, “how did Puccini know about the empty potion?” Well, the gobos were only looking for their lost companions. I’m sure the wizard glanced in the rooms as well to see if anything was amiss. It would explain why he was at the back of the pack before they made it to this room.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
On the floor near the pedestal, Zip is seen pushing off a limp tentacle as Nob and Puccini discuss with relieved expressions
Puccini: "Our wayward gobo?"
Nob: "<Yes!>"

Panel 2
Still sitting atop the pedestal and glancing at the hand holding the black stone, is a slowly reappearing Pat.
Puccini, off-screen: "Explains the empty potion..."

Panel 3
Pat is feeling much better and examines the other hand, confirming that the gobo cook is now completely visible. A bat-thing can be seen in the distance, moving closer until...
Puccini, off-screen: "Well, let's get that out of here. Nob?"
Nob, off-screen: "<Oh! Pat, take...>"

Panel 4
..it bites Pat's outstretched arm. The attack has definitely caught the gobo off-guard, and it looks like it is about to get worse as another bat-thing flies in.
Puccini and Nob, off-screen in their native languages: "Look out!"