“Shish Kebab” If you saw the social media ads for today’s strip, you might have been concerned about what damage Fip could be causing. The title itself isn’t encouraging either. But that would only be the case if I did fake strips for April Fool’s Day. Which I don’t. Closest to a joke post would be a stand-alone images I might do for Instagram. The amount of such images I create has declined and I haven’t done one in a while, but I think we’ll be seeing one soon.

If you didn’t see those social media ads or would be interested in checking out these stand-alone images, it’s easy to check them out. There are links to the right or (if there was a site redesign) you can try one of these links for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. All the Instagram images and ads appear on all three of these. Follow, subscribe…. ring a bell? …or whatever you do to get an alert when something new comes out! It also helps spread awareness of Gobo Gazette. That’s how that works, right?

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Fip, staring out from the doorway towards the viewer with bow drawn, looks nervous.
Fip: "<Don't move Pat! I don't want to hi..>"
Zip, off-screen: "Wait Fip!"

Panel 2
The view shifts to the center of the room where Zip takes aim, lying on the ground and still under a limp tentacle.
Zip: "<I'll take the shot.>"

Panel 3
The view turns to the top of the pedestal where Pat, teeth clenched in pain, tries to hold off the two bat-things, preventing them from getting at the black stone. One of the creatures keeps a tight bite on the gobo cook's arm.
Zip, off-screen: "<It's okay, Pat.>"

Panel 4
Pat's pained expression eases some as a crossbow bolt impales one bat-thing and skewers through to one with the bite-hold... taking them out.
Zip, off-screen: "<I got you.>"