“Parched Understanding” I spoke too soon! It seems like the potion’s effect is wearing off. But this won’t be the end of the translations. Puccini had the foresight to stock up so we’ll definitely have a few more episodes before we see the return of Gobospeak. And remember, we are only getting the translations when someone who is in earshot can understand the Gobo language. As you can see, the effect has worn out for Puccini as well.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini looks thoughtfully back in the room as he slowly closes the door behind him and Hob. The armored gobo appears a bit surprised at something.
Puccini: "Hmmmm. So few details."

Panel 2
Puccini turns his attention to Hob as door is hut, noticing the gobo's arm waving and back to viewer.
Puccini: "It'll make finding them... much more... ..."

Panel 3
Puccini releases the doorknob and points to his ear, reaching his other hand behind his back. Hob gestures to the wizard and responds.
Puccini: "Potion run out?"
Hob: "<Yes.>"

Panel 4
Puccini pulls out two potion bottles from behind his back and gestures to them with a grin.
Puccini: "Luckily, I found a few more in storage."