“Facial Recognition” Thankfully, the title refers more to Nob’s assailant rather than the gobo leader’s own face. I mean, it’s been worse…

In case you are wondering, Puccini is in earshot. This is why Gobospeak is still being magically translated into the common tongue (well, English at least). The effect of that magic potion is quite lasting!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Closeup of Nob lying in bed, eyes closed and covers just under the chin. A gobo hand lightly presses a cloth on the leader's forehead.
Narrative: "A little later"

Panel 2
The cloth is withdrawn as Nob, hand to chin, opens an eye and speaks through clenched teeth.
Nob: "<...is it over?>"
Hob, off-screen: "<Yes.>"

Panel 3
The view shifts to Hob, cloth in hand and helmet off.
Hob: : "<But the stone is gone. Did you see who attacked you?>"
Nob, off-screen: "<No...>"

Panel 4
The view goes back to the bed. Nob has turned toward the viewer slightly, still talking through clenched teeth and lifting a fist for emphasis.
Nob: "<Just their red fist.>"