“Lil Salty” So why was Pōk looking for tracks instead of Fip? One could say that the gobo’s slow, methodical approach is the reason. That and Pōk’s very good eye (sorry, not sorry). Odds are however that Fip made a good argument to get out of the task. Based on hunting experiences with Zip, the emerald archer would prefer not to give 100% if it required tasting soil.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The scene focuses on Nak and Pōk in their gnome illusion disguises; the distant forest past the hill shows off their Autumn leaves. Nak looks down as the kneeling Pōk sets the wide-brimmed hat back into place.
Nak: "<Are the footprints from the tower?>"
Pōk: "<I dunno.>"

Panel 2
Nak watches as Pōk stands, turning to engage in their conversation.
Pōk: "<I'm not Zip. Using all of my senses. Tracking even by taste.>"

Panel 3
The scene shifts to the back of the group, where "Gnome" Fip - taken by surprise by the sudden attention - acts as rearguard towards the more wooded area behind them.
Nak, offscreen: "<Fip! You've tracked with Zip.>"

Panel 4
A narrow-eyed Fip winces, raising a denying hand and then sweeping it to the side for emphasis.
Fip: "<Oh no! I'm not eating dirt!>"
Fip, speaking softly: "<Again.>"