“Slow Poke” It’s not like it’s a lie. Pōk is not the fastest of the gobos. But it does sting a bit when someone calls you out on a flaw. Nak likes to instruct with the hope that his students will improve. But that means pointing out shortcomings, and many people can’t take blunt criticism. Especially when not asking for it.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Back in the group's rearguard position closer to the more wooded area, Fip - still wearing a gnome illusion - gestures back to whence they came.
Fip: "<We looked all around the circle. That has to be it.>"

Panel 2
The scene shifts to a proud Pōk and Nak still in disguise. The terrain behind them is more hilly than forested, with few autumn-colored trees apparent. Nak gestures for the off-screen Fip to approach.
Nak: "<Okay. Then take over for slow Pōk.>"

Panel 3
Pōk's pose and expression remain unchanged as a thoughtful Nak turns away from the viewer, hand to illusory beard.

Panel 4
Pōk's head turns to give an accusatory glare which surprises Nak, drawing the gobo attention away from contemplation.
Nak, offscreen: "<Fip! You've tracked with Zip.>"
Pōk: "<...Hey!>"