“Towards Danger but Not Too Rashly” And we are back! Sorry for the delay. I want to say we should be back on the regular schedule. I endeavor to do so, but there is still a lot of work to do with the new house.

It seems Puccini is quite familiar with Breakershome back in the day. We’ll see if his predictions are true about the White Bear’s customers. And it seems like Nak is equally concerned about wayward gobos, recalling when one of them wandered off into a mystic laboratory and the other was present at an unexpected portal opening. All in same day that they arrived at Puccini’s. And that day is just now coming to a close.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The view returns to the wide view of Puccini - arms akimbo - with the gnome-illusion-disguised gobos, standing on the cliff edge with the autumnal forest and mountains to the west behind them. On his left, Pōk has closed the distance and brings a hand up in surprise at what can be seen. Wak and Fip turn their heads towards the wizard while Hob continues to gaze out at their objective. To Puccini's right, Nak and Nik have hands on their weapons, unmoved but giving the wizard a side-glance as he addresses them all.
Pucini: "Okay... game plan."

Panel 2
The view changes to a close up of Puccini, looking down to his right with a slight smile...
Puccini, off-screen: "Normally I would do this alone."

Panel 3
...but then he glances towards the viewer. His smile fades slightly...
Puccini: "I could detect the stone's magic... but the assailant's power is unknown."

Panel 4
...and then concern shows on his face. He raises a hand up...
Puccini: "And it is Breakershome. Complex. Despite my familiarity."

Panel 5
...and brings it up under his nose, curling his fingers and placing the index finger to his lips.
Puccini: "We must be cautious."

Panel 6
The view pans down to Hob at his side. The armored "gnome" is still viewing the town below and mirrors Puccini's expression of concern, raising the lance defensively.
Puccini, off-screen: "Could you keep guiding me while I focus on the stone?"
Hob: "<Of course.>"

Panel 7
Hob's concern intensifies some and the gobo looks up towards Puccini when the wizard reveals some new information.
Puccini, off-screen: "Good. Our first stop will be the White Bear."
Hob: "<The what?>"

Panel 8
The view returns to Puccini, who with wide eyes and a raised finger is excited by Hob's question.
Puccini: "Oh! It's an inn near the docks."

Panel 9
The angle shifts down and focuses on Puccini's hands which produce an illusion of an inn sign showing the head of a white bear on blue, with yellow runic letters and angular icons of two beds flanking a mug.
Puccini: "(Magic words.) Here's its sign."

Panel 10
The shot shifts to Fip, almost waltzing closer to the illusion with an inaudible "oooooo". Wak looks on with interest but less enthusiasm.
Puccini, off-screen: "The standard fare of songs and spirits."

Panel 11
The reverse angle shows Nak, looking towards the viewer. Two fingers are held up towards the eyes, one pointing at each...
Puccini, off-screen: "Patroned by... let's say some colorful folk. And that was during the town's fiscal height."

Panel 12
And then Nak turns the hand to point a finger outwards, never breaking eye contact.
Puccini, off-screen: "So again, we must take care. We don't want a repeat of what happened in the tower."

Panel 13
The view swings back to Fip and Wak. The emerald archer's excitement has been squelched and the gobo avoids Nak's gaze, index fingers touching introspectively. Wak glances over to Fip, raising a questioning finger to the curly brown beard, as if to determine which of them that Nak is pointing at.
Puccini, off-screen: "Now, any questions?."