“Tumble Down” What were they thinking? That the wizard would use a spell to catch them? Not like he does magic casually… Hey, if I saw someone weaving minor magics throughout the day, I wouldn’t think there was a finite supply of fun either!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
From a worm's eye view, Puccini comes into view - at least his feet - as he climbs down the cliffside, his right foot braced against an outcropping of grass as the left slowly descends to the ground below.
Narration Box: "A little later"
Puccini: "This shortcut will make up some time."

Panel 2
The shot pans up and pulls out to show Puccini from the waist up with arms outstretched, looking towards the top of the cliff with a smile. The sky is dark but not much time has passed.
Puccini: "Now, let me help you down."

Panel 3
Puccini catches an overly excited Fip - bowing at the weight - but the wizard does not share the mirth of the gobo-disguised-as-a-gnome. His eyes are wide and he continues to look towards the top of the cliff.
Puccini: "One at a time, please."

Panel 4
Fip goes tumbling down as Puccini recoils with his arms up protectively from the two descending gobos. Wak is doing a cannonball dive while Pōk - what can be seen of the gobo - appears to be doing a belly flop.
Puccini: "One at a time!"