“The Company was in the Big Common-Room” Welcome to the Isometric Inn! Where there is no vanishing point! The gang is finally here! (Well, the White Bear that is.) And look! The bartender knows Puccini! That’s good, right?

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panels 1, 3 and 4 overlap a large Panel 2.

Panel 1
A straight-on view of an exterior doorway set in a light blue wall. Pegs are set in the wall at two heights - high for tall folk and low for short folk - so people can hang their hats and cloaks. One article of clothing has fallen off its hook. The door is opened, the knob held by Puccini, whose eyes are concealed under the edge of his hood. Hob and Nak are before him. Hob's visor similarly shields the eyes from view and Nak's are slits, adjusting to light. The gobos appear as gnomes, thanks to Puccini's magic. Hob and Nak are stepping in, the latter with arms held behind the back. The rest of the gobos are hidden by uccini's cloak.
Bartender, off-screen: "Good evening to you!"

Panel 2
An isometric overhead view of the tavern's large common room. Booths line the left (top) wall and flank the bar at the back of the room. There is a stage to the right (bottom), the wall out of view. To its right is a staircase leading to a balcony and a number of doors. Four sets of four tables are in a square at the center, with four chairs each. A number of patrons occupy the seating area: a man in a green cloak with a pipe in a booth and, at the tables are a colorful group of adventurer-types conversing over a map, a lone drunk patron, and four rough individuals with emptied plates and nearly emptied tankards. A waitress makes her way towards the latter group and a couple other patrons move about the area, one at ground level and another on the balcony. An elf with short-cropped hair is on the stage, tuning his lute while a dwarf at the bar has her hands full of tankards, turning to shout a greeting to Puccini and the "gnomes" as they close the distance between them.
Bartender: "The kitchen's closed and you may have missed the show, but fear not! The bar's open for another hour... longer for those with a room key. And some light lute work from our resident musician to ease into the night."

Panel 3
The scene shifts to a straight on view of the bar, centered on one of the three massive kegs set into the back wall. It is flanked by two smaller kegs and below is a shelf with various bottles of alcohol. The dwarf spins around to greet the new arrivals with a smile, the foam from the six tankards - three in each hand - trailing over the edges as she turns.
Bartender: "Welcome to the White Bear! What can I get for..."

Panel 4
The bartender comes to an abrupt stop, the mirth vanished from her expression as she sets down the tankards hard, causing the foam to plop upward. Her eyes are narrowed as he recognizes who has entered.
Bartender, coldly: "...Puccini"