“Wretched Hive” Just remember, everyone: it’s not nice to badmouth someone behind their back but, if you do, make sure they can’t hear it. In fact, it’s probably best to keep those opinions to yourself. Unless you can find a constructive way to present them.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Night has fallen and Puccini rests on a knee before Wak and Nak, both mystically disguised as gnomes. Leaning an arm on his knee, he leans forward and gestures as he speaks, glancing to the right towards Nak and those gobos out of view. Someone begins to open the door to the tavern, cutting a bright sliver of light behind the wizard which he does not notice.
Puccini: "Okay, remember what I said."

Panel 2
As Puccini's eyes shift left to scan his audience, he raises a finger to punctuate his words. The door behind him opens wider and an old halfling woman is seen, her darkened form silhouetted by the bright interior as she pushes through.
Puccini: "This is a wretched hive swarming with the worst..."

Panel 3
Puccini pauses wide eyed, turning and making eye contact with the halfling woman as she looks up at him, the door slowly closing behind her of its own accord. Wak lifts a hand in greeting...

Panel 4
...and then pulls it close, watching as the scowling halfling walks away towards the viewer. Nak turns to regard her as she leaves. An embarrassed Puccini offers a smile that she does not see, giving the back of his neck a rub.
Puccini: "Uh... good evening Mrs. Bellwether."