“Split Party” I said it on Social but it bears repeating: this is my big fear when splitting the tab at a cash-only bar. Or anywhere, really. When the bill comes and people have left, forgetting to cash out. Or when you order something small and people just want to split it evenly on cards. It is not a big deal when its family or close friends, but it bothers me – and my limited budget – when its people I probably won’t see again who said, “I’ll get you next time.”

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
At the bar, Puccini once more rests an elbow on the bar top, leaning in towards the viewer with an inquiring look. To his left, seated on a stool, Is Hob, bent close to the wizard as the conversation continues. On the right, Nak's arm can be seen, hand bracing as the gobo's barstool climb is nearly finished. Both gobos are mystically concealed under the guise of gnomes.
Puccini: "... Excuse me?"
Zathrus, off-screen: "The money. You owe. For damages."

Panel 2
The scene changes, opposite Puccini behind the bar is Zathrus, Gesturing with her palm up towards the wizard in a way that is half explaining and half expecting payment. She holds a bar mop in her other hand, resting her hand and the cloth on her hip. She looks all business, and not very amused.
Zathrus: "Is your new crew here to help pay for it? Or just pester all of my patrons?"

Panel 3
The shot pulls out to encompass most of the bar, the two medium beer barrels between three large wooden kegs set in the back wall and the five stools in front. Zathrus shifts to the right for a better view of the main hall, but keeps her eyes on Puccini, who quickly turns and looks around towards the floor. Nak lifts a precautionary hand to prevent the wizard's elbow from bumping him, although the gesture is unnecessary. Hob has turned on the stool and is also looking at the area behind them. Four dotted outlines are where their companions should be.

Panel 4
Nak now turns more fully, glaring out to the main hall and Hob angrily gestures with a wave for the rest of the gnome-gobos to join them. Puccini turns fully and stands up straight, thrusting a pointing hand downward and addresses the room. Zathrus, seeing their conversation at the moment over, uses the bar mop to wipe down the bar top.
Puccini: "What did I say? Don't poke the hive!"