“Bad Bump” Remember when Puccini said the magical disguises were just visual? Well, the ears look stubby but they’re still the same length. Fip was really into the new look (face fur!). So much that the little archer misjudged just how much tilt was needed to miss an unexpected bending bottom. Let the dominoes – or tankards – fall… into a rather large individual’s lap!

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Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Fip is running towards the viewer, head tilting and leaning away from a waitress's posterior as she bends over to serve drink at a table.

Circular Inset Panel Between Panels 1 and 2, pointing to the space between Fip's head and the waitress's backside.
A zoomed in view of the scene shows were Fip's actual ear makes contact with the waitress's rear with an audible "Fip" (the "i" is dotted with a heart)

Panel 2
The view turns to the front of the waitress as she stands straight up with an "oh" expression, the sudden contact and reaction sending her serving tray and the two tankards flying out across the table...

Panel 3
...to come crashing down with an audible "Slosh and Clamor"! The waitress surprise turns to shock as she steps away from the table, hands covering her mouth.

Panel 4
Sitting at the table and holding a mug is a rather large and muscular man with a full, narrow beard and long black hair with the top locks pulled back into a high ponytail. The man is angrily looking down at his lap, the left side of his body and the surface of the table drenched in beer. One of the tankards can be seen on its side, the last of its contents draining out.