“Social Graces” Zathrus went first and last name on Puccini! (He would have really been in trouble if his middle name was added as well!) New rule to live by: Don’t make derogatory statements about short people… to short people. In fact, steer clear of such statements in general. Innuendo is fine. At least at the White Bear.

I’m sure Zathrus’ comment on sleeping on the floor is more to reinforce the three per room max (cot provided), and not to restrict those that like crashing on the ground. I bet she imagines the wizard getting the bed and having all his gnome friends resting on the floorboards.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Zathrus is turning away from her guest, departing with a clean tankard in her left hand as she reaches back towards the kegs along the back wall. She keeps eye contact for as long as possible as she continues her conversation.
Zathrus: "The point is, no hot bunking or sleeping on the floor. This is an inn. Not a garrison or ruin."

Panel 2
The view turns and pulls back showing the bar top at an angle. The three gobos occupying the stools still have their mystical disguise, appearing as gnomes. Pōk is just in view, maintaining the smile since first sitting at the bar. Nik is next in line, head turned to observe Wak as the burly gobo takes a long pull from the recently received mug of beer. Behind them, Puccini bends over the coin pouch he holds with his right hand, pouring into it the last of his gold coins with a bit of a scowl.
Zathrus, off-screen: "Three per room. Tops."

Panel 3
Nik's eyes widen as a pleased Wak sets down the mug, beer foam creating a "second beard" on top of the illusory one. Puccini reaches his right hand back to hang the pouch once more on his belt while gesturing to the three in front of him.
Puccini: "Come on. You see how tall th--"
Zathrus, off-screen, interrupting: "Prospero Puccini!"

Panel 4
Pōk glances over to Nik as the gobo raises a finger in an attempt to get Zathrus' attention - and a pint as well - while the back of Wak's hand is having little effect cleaning up the beer foam. Behind them cringes Puccini, who is now rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand.
Zathrus, offscreen: "You need to work on your social graces."