“Sign Language” The best way to speak to someone without being heard is to not speak at all. As long as others don’t know the signs. This is more gestural, tactical hand signals than a developed manual language, but it is the kind of thing Nak would make sure the group didn’t forget.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The view is below the bar top and Puccini' waistline and he can just be seen gesturing with his hand, palm up. To his left are Nak and Hob in their illusory Gnome disguises. Nak places a hand on Hob's shoulder with a light "tap", drawing the other's attention.
Puccini, off-screen: "Fine. And I'm working on it."

Panel 2
While Puccini lifts his hand out of view, Nak points to Hob with an index finger...
Puccini, off-screen: "Speaking of social graces..."
Nak, signing: "You"

Panel 3
...then gestures back with a thumb. At this time, Puccini points towards the person he is speaking to off-screen.
Zathrus, off-screen: "The thugs?"
Puccini, off-screen: "To put it kindly, yes."
Nak, signing: "Me"

Panel 4
As Puccini places a hand on his hip, Nak's fingers fan out and sway in a line back and forth between the two, keeping level with chin and lips.
Zathrus, off-screen: "They are an ongoing issue."
Nak, signing: "Talk"