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Tik: [(Want (to go back) to mine emeralds]
Nak: [And eliminate the adventurers]
Nob: ...

“Angry Mob” Now that everyone is out of the cave and ready to start their adventure, it seems that some of the gobos want to bring up some issues. Tik is quick to point out that, with Krak gone, the emerald mine is all theirs… why would they leave it now? Nak doesn’t seem too supportive of Nob’s earlier decision on how to handle the Party of Adventurers™. Removing that questing quartet from the equation seems to be a big concern, whether the gobos return to the comfort and security of the cave or leave it behind as planned.

It is now time to answer the masses and give them the details of the grand plan. If not the crowned gobo might soon be dealing with a very angry mob. But before that can happen, there is one thing Nob feels needs to be addressed. To Nob, Hob‘s heraldic announcements are just too much to bear. The blaring of the horn is quite loud but Nob’s solution seems a bit extreme, don’t you think? So what is Nob’s master plan? They all left the cave for a reason. Check out the next comic to find out what that might be!

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