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Nob: [Nob will lead (here)]

“Gobo Land” Nob seems quite pleased with the plan in hand. The gobos leave their home and go on a big hike to a new location. Of course their fearless leader has thought all of this through and would be managing all of the details. However, it seems that the rest of the gobos are quite skeptical of this grand plan. Why should they go on a risky journey through a spider-infested forest for Nob when they have nothing to gain? Why go to some somewhere else when it may now be possible to claim the emerald cave for themselves?

Clearly, Nob had not thought this thing completely through. Usually, crown wearing leaders don’t have to be too concerned with their subjects when making decisions. But history does point out a number of times when such nobles have pushed their luck. Typically this occurs when these officials disregard the welfare or interests of the people they govern. This arrogance and negligence of the people usually leads to revolution, regicide or both. Nob needs to reevaluate the grand plan for Gobo Land, and soon. Unfortunately, it seems that Nob has something more… immediate to be concerned about.

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