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Sign: Party of Adventurers™ Mine

“Misplaced Statue” Have you ever went to where you had left something, only to find out that it wasn’t there? Did somebody move it sometime after you had left? Did you just forget where you actually placed it? It can throw you for a loop until you actually locate the missing item. It can be even more frustrating when it isn’t exactly where you remember it to be. You get the sensation that someone is playing a trick on you. It can be quite maddening not knowing why something is out of place. At least it can be that way for me. The Party of Adventurers™ are experiencing just such a moment, although they seem to be handling it much better than I would. Even so, it is one thing to have misplaced your keys. This is on an entirely new level altogether.

Fortunately for our little scout and the rest of the gobos, this misplaced statue is the perfect distraction for a clean getaway. That stone troll is quite large and even blocks the view down the trail. So once more the two parties have passed by each other with no incident. Unfortunately, I doubt Pōk and the others realizes this.

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