↓ Transcript
Off-stage: [(See) the river?]
Pōk: [No river]
Off-stage: [(What?!]
Off-stage: [No river?]
Pōk: [(I see) the river]

“Plain Sight” Pōk has quite a view of the surrounding landscape. The gobo’s journey will first take them away from the mountains and across a winding river. Once they overcome that obstacle they will travel a bit more until they eventually settle down in a forested area that is near a rocky hillside. At least that is the plan, as shown on Nob’s map. It looks like such a short trip on a piece of paper. Judging from what can be seen from the treetop, that is not the case. It appears that the gobos will be spending quite a number of nights on the trail before they reach their final destination.

Do you see the winding river far off in the distance? You would think that it was in plain sight but Pōk doesn’t spot it, initially at least. It is clear that the telescope is not Pōk’s. If it was, there wouldn’t be this level of user error. But our little scout is a quick study and figures out the solution to the problem. Pōk probably solved it fast enough so the others don’t catch on to the fact. I mean, it is a big area to scan after all.

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