“Obligatory Montage” And so the gobos did convene early the next day. Fip and Zip headed out before daybreak. They returned with a goose. (Guess who got it). Soon after, Wak started cutting down trees and Nik planed them into boards. Tok and Bam began the initial bridgework, setting the primary support beams into the cliffside, while Tik was on rope work, throwing lines across the gorge and securing them so they can do the same over there. And, while Hob, Nak and Pōk guarded the campsite from any unwanted predators, Pat took care of cooking and delivering the meals.

And what of Nob? True to the gobo leader’s words, the head that wears the crown was resting on a pillow in the shade of a tent. You can imagine that there might be some resentment among the troupe. I mean, how would you like it if you did all the hard work while someone else lofted about? Well, don’t worry. Hob has the solution. Turning the standard wake up call into a supersonic clock alarm seems to be an appropriate amount of payback! And a good way to bring this obligatory montage to an end.

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