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Nob: [Gobos!]
Nob: [Fip, Zip and Pat will take care of food]
Nob: [Wak and Nik will get wood and make planks]
Nob: [Tok, Tik and Bam will build bridge]
Nob: [Nak, Pōk and Hob will guard]
Nob: [I'll be in my tent]

“Work Detail” Now that there is a plan of action, it is time to assign jobs. Usually, it is best to have individuals assigned to tasks that they excel at. Sometimes, the project needs someone swapped into a different role to pick up the slack, especially if a current role is redundant. Nob’s personnel allocation seems quite spot on.

First, our leader puts the hunters and the cook on food acquisition and preparation. Pretty straightforward. When you have a labor-intensive project like this, you’re going to need to keep everyone fueled. Then, Wak is made the primary resource gatherer, with Nik picking up the slack. They apparently are going to need a lot of wood! Next, the builders plus Bam are set to build the bridge. That’s two specialists and someone for heavy lifting. Lastly, the guards and fighters will be running security. With the gorge to their backs, there will be less avenues for wild animals – or other threats – to approach. That takes care of the work detail. And what about management? Well, lets just say they tend to have it easy when it comes to physical labor. Being the boss does have its perks.

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