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Pat: [Grab a picnic blanket corner!]

“I Have Passed Through Fire and Deep Water” And we are back! Are you ready for a brand new year of Gobo Gazette? When last we left our dirty dozen, they discovered that the bridge under them was no longer supporting their weight. To make matters worse, the chimera that invaded their camp and chased them onto their unfinished bridge was still in hot pursuit. Literally. It breathes fire. That last comic – a bonus comic, if you remember – was quite the cliffhanger. and it looks like four of the gobos are going to make that literal as well.

With mere moments to spare, the gobos have managed to find a solution to their deadly descent. As mentioned, the four gobos n the lead had almost made it to the other side. By grabbing the ropes – of being tossed – that quartet has found themselves once more on terra firma. Those halfway across have also managed to grab the ropes. Unfortunately it would appear that they are going to meet up with terra firma in a completely different way! And the last set? Well, some quick ingenuity has put some distance between them and the chimera. Although the makeshift parachute has slowed their descent, they still splashdown hard into the river below.

In the end, the three group have now been separated and most of their conditions are unknown. But don’t worry. The fate of each group will be revealed as soon as possible. So stay tuned and discover what happens!

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