“Hats Off” Now that the dust has settled, the gobos can take a moment of silence for their departed friends. Hob leads by example and soon the hats are off. Well, most of them at least. Does a hood count as a hat? It must be hard for Zip to get it off those ears. Perhaps that is why the others don’t bring it up. Anyways, at the very least they are all bowing there heads in remembrance. It is a very solemn moment and I am sure that Hob is seconds away from playing Taps on the horn.

But wait just a moment! This introspective interlude has caused Nob to do a little bit of thinking. This grand quest to reach Gobo Land was never supposed to be so costly. They are barely halfway there and they’ve lost over half of their numbers. That is a lot to bear. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. It is not surprising that Nob wants to toss that crown right into the ravine. But don’t be so hasty! You’re not out of the woods yet. And you still have other depending on you for leadership.

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