↓ Transcript
Hob: [It's okay]
Hob: [Nob's just sad]
Fip: [With no leader...]
Zip: [...what happens to the Gobos?]
Hob: [You two get Nob and I'll direct]
Hob: [We have the map, so we are good]
Fip & Zip: [You should be the leader]
Hob: [No, Nob is the leader]

“New Regime” It is clear to these three that Nob is having a hard time dealing with what just happened. Hob has escorted the other two away to give their leader a moment to calm down and regain some composure.This is something that the gobos are probably used to by now. Nob can be quite temperamental when frustrated. But this is different. The weight of the current disaster is not so easily shrugged off. It doesn’t look like their leader will get out from under this cloud any time soon.

This is a big concern. With the soundness of leadership in question, the future is becoming dimmed by uncertainty. During such troubling times, the masses often look to more levelheaded individuals to lead them. This could be handled by a temporary regent or even result in a completely new regime taking the helm. Although Fip and Zip both feel that Hob is a worthy candidate and should take the crown, it is clear that the armored gobo will have nothing of it. Nob’s stalwart champion will not waver in the face of uncertainty. “Stay Calm and Carry On” is Hob’s motto here, not “the King is Dead, Long live the King!

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