Gobo Gazette is Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! Things are looking good with my recovery, I’ll go to see the bone doctor again in five weeks! Last week we talked about Dungeons & Dragons connection. We continue where we left off, giving you Player’s Handbook-worthy info similarities. Today’s Fandom Funtime gives you a basic class guide on how to make the gobos in D&D! (*Big shout out to Blambot – what you read in the comic is with the aid of some of their free fonts. And a hat tip to Hero Forge – I never had a custom miniature made but their interface is quite nice and their options continue to grow.)

I am out of commission but I can still answer your questions. I hope this little D&D handbook was interesting, even to non-gamers! Did you have any question regarding Gobo Gazette? This could be for me or for members of the cast (no spoilers). Do you like to fanart? If you do or want to, now is the time to share! Send your questions and/or fan art to gobo@gobogazette.com! If you like, provide a link if your webcomic, portfolio, or similar creative site. I thought about moving the TEHG items to a gallery section. I might just keep them where they are at for now. There is a lot of work coming up in the new year.

Partake in Gobo Gazette’s first Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go! And be careful out there!

↓ Transcript
Announcement banner with content on white background and a panel to the right. There is a watermarked illustration of Gobos and Puccini beneath it.
Content: "Gobo Gazette - Temporary Emergency Hiatus GO! - We're hoping to return in January 2023!"
Announcement panel has Nob's hands from the gobo leader's point of view, the right hand visually aching with three lightning bolts.
Nob (as the artist): "<My hand. It broke!>"

Large Left Panel
(In a narrative box) Last week was about how Dungeons & Dragons is a big influence on Gobo Gazette. How else is it similar or different from that game system?"
"Except for the obvious, there aren’t many other similarities. Verbal spell words come to mind. While spells have different names, the actual spoken words are actually D&D spell names using the Wizardspeak font*." (Insert image to right of the Warpriest and the Soldier watching as a fiery blast is blocked by an invisible force wall cast by the Mage.)
(Insert image to left of the Dragon's head turning with smokey fumes wafting from its mouth.) "Gobo Gazette’s world is not as high fantasy as D&D. And while it has chimeras, dragons, and the the like, they differ to a degree. Just because you see a green dragon, doesn’t mean it breathes out poison gas!"
"So, appearances can be deceiving. There is some world building elements that will likely never be revealed. Then again, you never know. I might come up with a side story that fits in with the overarching story. You’ll have to keep reading."
(In a narrative box) "*Wizardspeak is a Blambot font. I believe it is still a free font for independent creators!"

Large Right Panel
Titled "Fandom Funtime!" with the statement "Do you play Dungeons & Dragons (5th Ed.)? Here are possible classes for the gobos!"
(Below and to the right of the following list is an insert image of a computer generated Bam tabletop miniature with the caption: "You can make a Gobo Mini at Hero Forge!*")
"Bam: Barbarian (Berserker)"
"Fip: Bard/Ranger (Valor/Hunter)"
"Hob: Fighter (Banneret)"
"Nak: Fighter (Battle Master)"
"Nik: Rogue (Thief)"
"Nob: Rogue/ Fighter (Mastermind/Banneret)"
"Pat: Artificer (Alchemist)"
"Pо̄k: Rogue/Fighter (Scout/Champion)"
"Tik: Artificer (Maverick)"
"Tok: Artificer/Fighter (Artillerist/Champion)"
"Wak: Fighters (Champion)"
"Zip: Ranger/Rogue for 4 levels (Hunter/Scout)"
"This is a rough guide. Remember that the gobos currently possess no magical abilities so you’d have to justify some special effects!"