Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go!If you did not already notice my comment on the most recent comic, Gobo Gazette is Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go!

Two days before it was scheduled to auto-post, a car door opened in front of me while I was bicycling home. The emergency room said that the impact broke three of the bones in my hand. Specifically, the third, fourth and fifth metacarpals. I will be seeing an orthopedic doctor in a couple days. I will have a more precise diagnosis then. The most immediate issue is that episode 25.03 was the last buffer comic I had. I am out of commission for four to eight weeks. I will set up a temporary emergency hiatus placeholder as the comic for November 4th. This will alert anyone that has not seen the comment or this post to the problem.

I could leave it at that. Set it up, rest and recover. But it is just my hand that is unable to rock it. Perhaps we can turn an unfortunate situation into an awesome opportunity. Did you have any question regarding Gobo Gazette? This could be anything from a technical artist question: why don’t you use that wacom pad in the photo? It could be diected at a cast member: Pat, what is you favorite meal to cook? Now you can ask! And, if it wouldn’t spoil the plot, you’ll get an answer! Do you like to fanart? Did you want to make some? Have you been sitting on something and are too shy to share? I am the same way. Now is the time to share!

This is a call to action!

If you have questions or want to share some gobo art, send it to gobo@gobogazette.com! Provide a link if you webcomic, have a portfolio website, or similar creative site. I will add it in the comic description. Once healed, I will move the placeholder and your content to a gallery section and Gobo Gazette will be back in action. And visitors will be able to check out who participated in Gobo Gazette’s first Temporary Emergency Hiatus Go!