Coming Soon: A Crude Comic about Crude Goblins!

Coming soon on January 5, 2018 is the proposed launch date of my new web comic! Gobo Gazette documents the misadventures of a band of goblins who are often their own worst enemies. It is a gag strip with an ongoing plot line, featuring mild fantasy/comedic violence and likely alcohol and tobacco use.

It is also an exercise in expanding my illustrative technique. When it comes to illustrating, I can spend hours nitpicking and fine-tuning. And I would never be 100% satisfied. My first attempt at a comic was back in 2001. It was an obscure piece called Your Comic’s Weak, catering to members of a personal website/forum. It was done in my spare time with little direction and lasted less than a year.

Time might still be sparse and there wasn’t much lead time preparations to perfect the style of the comic, but Gobo Gazette does have direction. I am hoping that the look of the strips will improve steadily. (Disclaimer: I reserve the right to “George Lucas” older strips as skill and technique improve, although I will still keep the original art available for prosperity.)

The website will be undergoing development before and after launch as I tweak the look and interface. This may take some time since my coding is not up to date and I am still familiarizing myself with the content management system. So… mind my dust.