2019 AnniversaryHappy Anniversary! It was one year ago, the fifth weekday of 2018, that I released the first Gobo Gazette comic. A lot has happened since then. What follows is a summary, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to risk spoilers. Our twelve goblins set off on a great adventure… and quickly retreated before they could get to the second comic! We had the opportunity to glimpse each gobo’s personality and the reason why they wanted to leave. There was also an encounter with a trope quartet of strangers that eventually paved the way for their departure. It did not take them long to get lost, but they eventually made it to the first obstacle of their journey. Well, two actually.

It had been a busy year for our dirty dozen (actually the later part of Spring for them) and things are not going to get easier for them this year. I hope you are enjoying their story. If you do, please remember to follow on social media and – especially – to share posts with others. Happy Anniversary to Gobo Gazette and a Happy New Year to all of you!