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Nob: [(we're arrived at) the river!]

“You Cannot Pass!” That is big! It can be hard to imagine just how massive a landmass is just by looking at a couple squiggly lines on a map! That winding river drawn on that parchment is actually a deep deep gorge! Have you every had the opportunity to go up to the very edge of a high place and look down? There are many places in the world that can give you the same sensation that Nob is having right now. Some places – like the Skydeck in Chicago – put you past the edge! Now I have not done that (yet) but I am definitely up for the challenge. The overall effect of height can be quite exhilarating. Or extremely terrifying, as Nob finds out when the gobo leader moves too close to the edge. Well, the good news is they got to the winding river. The question is “what now?”

We are starting the final chapter of Gobo Gazette’s first year. Everything has been slowly building to this point and I am very excited. This is also the very first large scale image for the comic. To commemorate this, I am posting a “Behind the Scenes” article. It might not be a video or live feed, but it is a sneak peak at what goes into creating the web comic, focusing on my analog tools and this strip in particular.

And when it comes to analog, don’t miss out on my Inktober 2018 run on Gobo Gazette’s Instagram feed! Unlike previous images, these are uncolored and straight from the page!

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