“Get Lost” Gobos can see in the dark. You can tell by how their eyes are bright in the night. However, this does not make them any more perceptive. If you ever have the opportunity to take a hike in a forest, please do. They can evoke a wide mix of emotions. But before you do head out on the trail, I would recommend having a map or, at the very least, be attentive to your surroundings or you might get lost. Even with a map, you can find yourself off of a marked trail quickly if you don’t mind the signs.

Now Nob has a map, but it covers a broad area. And with no sun or recognizable landmarks, our Gobos are just following the path ahead of them. Pat and Bam are clearly too busy to notice that there are hidden pathways leading off the circular trail they now are on. Thankfully, Pōk is a bit slow closing up the end of the line. With any luck, our twelve little friends might have only done a few laps before this collision occurred. Then again, the Gobos have not had an abundance of good fortune since the start of their journey. It can’t be all bad luck for the green dozen, can it?

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