Snake Gorge RaidersI do believe that I may have misspoke in an earlier article. A few weeks turned into half a year. But, since they have made a return appearance in one of the most recent comics, the Snake Gorge Raiders have been added to the Gobo Gazette cast page. Unlike the Party of Adventurers™, the Snake Gorge Raiders will have only one entry… for now. And although there are nine pictured, there are a few more to come. As mentioned soon after their first appearance, these characters are based on those from an earlier, short-lived comic. These, in turn, were based on some of my friends. Except for their leader. He is based on something completely different.

Now this is the time I would normally announce that I will be updating the cast again or developing a locations page really soon. My track record for this has not been the best so lets instead state that I will get to those when I get to them. Instead I want to remind everyone that October is right around the corner and that means it will soon be time for Inktober! That’s right! Next month, I will be inking 31 drawings. One for each day. I will post an update on October 1st. See you then.