Break From LaborHappy Labor Day! It’s that time again for an extended weekend were one can take a break from labor and get one last barbecue in before it gets cold. That’s what Labor Day is about… right? Well, that’s holidays in general really. Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada is the day celebrating all the workers that have worked hard to make the wonderful things that we sometimes take for granted. It also celebrates the unions that came about to make sure they were treated fairly. Back in the day, there were too many fat cats about. (Actually, I think the cat population hasn’t changed… they just got sneakier at getting to the cream.) So, if you’re a laborer or somebody that busts their butts all year round, raise a glass of your favorite beverage. Cheers!

And speaking of those that need to take a break from labor, it looks like there are five gobos that need a rest. At least when they moved Krak, it was to fulfill a purpose. Our crowned gobo needs to take a step back from Ego Land. Hopefully, the rescue attempt that is happening in the comic will get you back on course to Gobo Land!