InktoberInktober 2019 will be the second Inktober for Gobo Gazette. It will be the third Inktober I participated in overall. Some of you might be asking, what is Inktober? Well, you can go right to the source for the full description and rules. But if you want a quick summary of what I’ll be doing it is this: I will be doing black & white inked, gobo-related artwork, one on each day of October. That is a total of 31 images throughout the month!

And how can you see these images? Well, for a look at most of my first run during Inktober, check out the album on my personal Facebook account. Just as stated in last year’s post, the art for Inktober 2019 can be seen on Gobo Gazette’s Instagram page. I know I mentioned something about moving the images to an art gallery page. Right now, I feel that doing so would be rather redundant, and that Instagram is a good home for them for now. Besides, I would rather have a locations page – or, better yet, fan art/guest comic page – before I had a gallery.

So check out the Instagram page each day for a new image and, as always, each Friday for a new comic. (Things are starting to heat up as we come to the close of another year!)