2019 ThanksgivingThat’s right! It’s that special November Thursday where everyone fills up on fine food and finer company! It is Thanksgiving time! And, as it says in its name, it is a time to look back at what we have and give thanks for it. Seems easy enough, right? Just go to your big chain grocery store, load up on all the goods, and then cook it up. Sure it may take some time to prep and get everything ready, but you’ll have help. And there will be plenty of socializing as things warm up, both in the kitchen and on the television as the big game kicks off.

But what if it wasn’t so easy? What if, say, you had to personally hunt down, forage, or cultivate all that food yourself? As Fip is learning here, turkey hunting isn’t a sure thing. Those birds can get ornery (at least from what I hear). And what if we were to cut out all the tech? Forget freezing that fowl for later, you have to get that all cooked before it spoils. It would be difficult to reach out to others without a phone, or even make it in a timely fashion without our planes, trains, and automobiles. And entertainment would be word of mouth, not fourth and goal. So when you are giving thanks on Thanksgiving, try thinking about what it would be like without when you are being thankful for what you have.