Dial 555-LOVE for the Hug LineYep, that is “Hug Line”, not “Hot Line”! When it comes to embraces, the word “hug” is more G-rated. If you go around saying “hot” on Valentine’s Day, people’s minds might race. Some will run into an R-rated gutter (or worse)! That’s right everyone, today is Valentine’s Day! It is the most well known of the “Hallmark Holidays”, beating out Grandparents Day, Secretaries Administrative Professionals Day and Boss Day by a landslide. I am not a romantic and neither are those loved ones in my life (thank goodness). This holiday was great back in grade school when everyone got or made cards for everyone and you got a box of those chalky hearts. Unfortunately, the expected price tag gets bigger and bigger as you get older. Let’s talk about the image instead of listening to me rain on Valentine’s Day.

So I almost had the webcomic timed so that the Hob-Pat Hug would be released today. Don’t know what I am talking about? Check out the comic! Since I couldn’t justify making that arrangement, I present to you instead… the hug line! Nob is not one for public displays of affection. That goes double when the PDA is directed at the little gobo leader. Not me! If Valentine’s Day was the day hugs were given, every day would be Valentine’s Day for me. And remember, if you are all alone on this special day, you can always give yourself a hug!