“Big Hug” I don’t think that anyone likes to dangle upside down over a cliff, especially when you are unsure if what is holding you won’t give. So, I am sure Nob is quite relieved to be out of that predicament. How many gobos does it take to pull Nob up on a ledge? Three. Go Team Gobo! Now some of you might recall that Nob is not a fan of heights. Especially having almost fallen into Snake Gorge not once but twice. After those past encounters, it is completely understandable why Nob might be a bit fixated on the scope of the situation. And how the little gobo leader jumped in to save another without much of a thought.

They say that near death experiences are quite an emotional. Having never been in a life or death situation, I am not an expert on the matter. I have been on roller-coasters though, so I can attest to the rush of adrenaline. It might be scary to race down the bends, going up and down and through the loops. Once it is all over, you come away with one of two experience. You either are sick to your stomach or you have an exhilaration so high that you want to take on the world. Nothing can hold you back. So Nob will just have to excuse the big hug that Pat gives.

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