Second AnniversaryHappy second anniversary to you, Gobo Gazette! Time sure flies when you’re putting out a comic each week for two years (minus one day a year for the holidays). It might not be a three-strip a week comic, but the story has developed quite a bit since the gobos had left their cave behind and entered the larger world. And explored it en masse or in groups of four. No idea what I am talking about? Well then, you need to catch up where last year started. Or start all the way from the beginning. Wow, the art has changed but nothing too extreme, it hasn’t been that long. As I mentioned, this is only the webcomic’s second anniversary.

And we have another year ahead of us. With the immediate threat behind them (or beneath them), what new misadventures await our dirty dozen? The next ten chapters could be anything! And, unlike Tik and Tok here, I’m not still chiseling it out of raw concrete thought. I have this next year all plotted out, and have plans for the next ten chapters after that. I just need to sketch, ink, color and post. So… I guess I’m still smoothing out the concrete. But I promise that I am further along than those two gobos.