Happy Fourth BirthdayHappy fourth birthday, Dante! I mentioned I was only going to do two Instagram posts this year and I couldn’t even follow through on that. I guess this will have to do (and yes, I’ll remember this when you ask for the keys). And to anyone wondering, I’m not a monster. We are going to have a very happy fourth birthday party… in just a few moments actually.

In addition to the two Instagram posts, I speculated about whether I was going to attempt Inktober this year. Well, I have decided I will be skipping the 2021 October event (yeah, I know if can be done all year round and not just in one month). I am battling to get the buffer back up and have been failing to increase the depth of files. There have been a couple moments since the beginning of this year were I felt I was going to miss an update. Thankfully, it hasn’t come to that but I am still rushing to have strips ready. There may come a time where I will have to skip an update. I still hope to post 51 comics this year. Things might just have to spill over into the next year.

Let’s leave it at that for now… I have a party to attend.