Five Year AnniversaryGobo Gazette celebrates its five year anniversary! 2022 came to a – literal – crashing halt at the end of October. Dr. Bam is pointing out the details in my transparent high five. Trust me, I didn’t plan this for a visual representation like I did the first four anniversaries. The pain is not worth the sight gag. For a look at the previous anniversary images, check out these links (1, 2, 3, 4).

So, I am back to drawing full time. Pardon the dust, as I am still not at 100%. I am healing and there is no pain, but the hand is stiff so my sketching/inking come off a bit rough to me. I see the bone doctor next week for a status update but previous talks said physical training is my big focus now. And the more I do, the better I’ll get.

We’ll be starting the year right in another way with a Comic of the Week promotion for the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective! There will be a new post each week starting on Monday and it should get you through the winter blues. You can also click the previous link to go explore on your own. There is something for everyone. Check it out… you just might find a new favorite to follow!

I like to keep to a schedule so being out of sync like I am right now is a little nerve racking. There is nothing more that I want to do than catch up as quickly as possible. But I understand that recovery is of the utmost importance. While I am looking forward to doing a few double posts to get back on schedule, I will first endeavor to rebuild strength and dexterity first.

It’s pretty amazing to be actually be at this five year anniversary milestone. It will be an interesting time for the gobos and hopefully an interesting one for you as well. Thank you for reading and come back tomorrow for the official return of Gobo Gazette.

And, as always, be careful out there.