Happy Sixth BirthdayHappy sixth birthday, Dante! It can be difficult finding the right present for someone. So I asked myself, “what do you get a child on such a special occasion?” Apparently, their own room! (It came with the house, but don’t tell him that!) And don’t worry! That isn’t his only gift! We have plenty planned for the day as well.

Buying a house and – more specifically – moving in did cause a bit of a delay in getting back on schedule. But you know what? Sometimes real life happens. And there are still quite a few boxes – and unexpected incidents – in the future, I’m sure. I’ll be aiming to not let it happen, but I won’t let it get to me. Especially if the reason is life affirming. I’m sure everyone can get behind that.

So here’s to a bright new tomorrow, full of great experiences. I hope that even when life gets the best of you that you find a way to make the best of it! And, once more, a very happy birthday to my boy as he finishes up his sixth year and starts on his seventh! May the fresh new surroundings inspire him to even greater heights.