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The Captain: Seems we have more important things to deal with than goblins.
The Captain: Nobody steals from me...
The Captain: NOBODY!!!
The Captain: What now?

“Leaped from the Ships to the Quays” Oh snap! It’s a big dramatic reveal at the dock for The Party of Adventurers™, discarding their disguises to take on the gathering raiders! But, it’s not like they have a ghost army behind them, so our villain doesn’t look too impressed. Nor our the rest of the raiders as they are all charging forward instead of running for their lives. To geek out a bit here, these guys aren’t some ½ challenge rating brigands that can be mowed down with ease. And they would be since the party is at least level 5 for Krak to be a decent challenge. It took three gobos to knock out just one (and they are a lot better than challenge rating )! And look! That raider is still around, albeit a bit worse for wear.

Okay, enough. I am sure the non-gamers don’t want to hear about saving throws and the grappling rules. They want to see an epic fight! Oh this is going to be good! The leader goes two to two with the Soldier, and seems quite capable! and the rest of the brigands move to… um… I just remembered something, just as our beaten bandit does. This isn’t a web comic about The Party of Adventurers™ and their numerous adventurers. (Wouldn’t that be something!) No! This is a crude comic about crude goblins and all of their misadventures! While the cat’s away, the mice will play! The leader of the Snake Gorge Raiders better remember that gobos are not things. They are people! Somebodies. And the phrase, “nobody steals from me”, applies just as much to goblins as it does to a human, a dwarf, a halfling and an elf.

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