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The Captain: Enough of this! You four! Stop loading that skiff.
The Captain: Gather these goblins and put them in their cell.
The Captain: You're not my men.

“You Four” You heard the man. Enough of this nonsense! There are gobos coming out of the wood works! And that is not conducive to an efficient work environment. It would seem that the raiders don’t just sit around, sharpening their knives while they play cards. Or sleep on guard duty. It is clear that they have an extensive operation going on at this fortress. Besides raiding and pillaging, there is the inventory of stolen goods and the logistics of moving said goods to potential buyers. Most of these buyers are likely illicit fences or black market merchants. You can clearly see that there is a group moving supplies from the dock into the fort’s storerooms. And there is another group loading goods on a skiff for transport to criminal markets.

Oh hey! It’s you four! I am sure that you all remember The Party of Adventurers™. It has been some time since we last seen them. Sure, only the Soldier is revealed, but it is clear who the other three are. To say that this quartet are not his men is quite the understatement. I think the fact that they got in and have been quietly looting their operation is enough to stun anyone.

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