“Fire Support” When everyone is busy tearing apart an aspect of a plan, they lose track of the plan as a whole. You may remember in last week’s comic that Tok was getting “lectured” by the rest of the gobos. During that time, the bandits continued to pound at the door. Well, that pounding is getting louder with each passing moment. The time for planning is over. There will be no defensive line at the choke point. There is just enough time for the gobos fall back before the door is dramatically kicked down. Thankfully, the fire support had already moved into position and is ready for their entry.

Well, mostly. If you remember, there are only two gobos with ranged weapons, not counting Nik throwing daggers. To say that their skill levels are uneven would be an understatement. Zip is able to take down one raider by delivering an arrow to the knee. It takes only one shot. Fip, on the other hand, is a fire-and-forget kind of archer. The gobo likes to launch a large volley of arrows as quickly as possible. We got a taste of their style way back in chapter one. Unfortunately, Fip’s attack style is not always successful. Nob has just realized just how ineffective, Fip is. Nob is not happy. At all. I’m sure if they survive this encounter, someone will get a stern lecturing.

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