“Throw Door” Here they come! Although the gobos were out of position, they are not going to let that stop them from pushing back these raiders. At least, that is the plan. And look, yet another of Zip’s bolts lands true, although I think someone got their shoulder up to avoid a head shot. Pōk also lands a solid hit on the big guy, but both seem to have little effect. In fact, the giant bandit turns his back on the gobos while the rest of the crew engages them.

And engage them, they do. We haven’t really seen the gobos in a straight up fight, chimera and spiders aside. There is quite a lot going on here but we can see that the raiders definitely have more fighting experience than their diminutive opponents. Almost as soon as they have rushed in, they are either hit hard or thrown back. Speaking of throwing. Hulk smash! Hulk throw door. Who throws a door? Honestly? That guy! To be honest, the door is likely to do more damage than that hammer of his. Unfortunately, it seems to have missed all of its targets. Of has it? You’ll have to check back next week to see!

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